Stay Away from Toxic People at Work and be More Productive

toxic people

The kind of people you work with could also affect your productivity at work. It helps a lot if you try your best to stay away from people whom you deem as toxic as they could just make it more difficult for you to work.

The problem with people who are toxic is that they tend to make you feel bad. It could be because of how they rant about anything in the world. It could also be because of their criticism of you, how you dress up, what you do what you say. They might also be the type who bring their family problems at work. You hear negative family issues first thing in the morning and it could affect your mood for the rest of the day.

As such, it would be most helpful if you try your best to just stay away from these people. You can never win with them. If you engage with them, they will always find a way to make you feel bad. Even if you seem nice to them, they will always find something wrong. As you don’t necessarily have to interact with them unless you are collaborating on the same task, you better work on your own or find another quieter place to work.

The need to ignore

The main reason why you have to ignore them is because it makes them feel bad. They will only continue annoying you if you engage with them and give them that opportunity. When you react to them or what they say, just do it out of respect. You don’t need to be invested in what they say. They will say what they want to say and make you feel upset. It is up to you now on how you will manage the situation so you won’t feel that way.

You can wear headphones while working so you don’t have to hear what that person has to say. You can also request for your boss to move you to a different location where you can work in a better environment. You may also take a break from work and walk around the park or in any other location just to get fresh air.

Collaborating on tasks

If you have no choice but to work with this person, the best thing to do is to straighten things out right from the start. You can set rules so that when you are working, everything is about work. You may also allot some time for discussion on things that are not related to work, but once it is up, you can just move ahead with what you should be doing.

Ask help from other colleagues

Ask for Help Colleagues

If you can no longer take the person’s behavior, start asking for help from other people. You may have colleagues who are close to you and can listen to you. If not, go straight to your boss. Explain your side. You don’t need to put the other person down. You just have to explain why you want a better workplace environment. For sure, you will be understood.

It helps if you are in the midst of people who love their job and are focused in doing what is assigned to them instead of those who will just bring your spirits down.

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