Save Money on Easter Sunday. You Don’t Have to Spend Much to Have a Fun Holiday

Easter Egg

It’s only a few days to go before Easter Sunday. If you’re like many parents with kids, you’re probably preparing for the holiday by now. Moms and dads usually buy new clothes and accessories for their kids and even host dinner for their family and friends. There are ways on how you and the kids could still enjoy the Easter holiday without spending a fortune. Here’s how.

Buy Clothes on Thrift Shops

Kids are not just excited for the egg hunt, but they are also looking forward for their new Easter clothes and accessories. Instead of purchasing brand new items at the department store, go to a thrift shop or consignment store. If you search around, you’ll find nice pieces at an amazing price. You may also ask relatives or friends who have kids for hand me downs or you may swap with them in case you have kids of the same age.

Make Your DIY Dye

Instead of buying dye for coloring your eggs, you could save more by making your own dye. All you need are food color, vinegar and boiling water. Mix your ingredients and use only a few drops of the food color and you’ll have your very own egg dye.

Decorate Your Own Basket

Easter Basket

If you still have your old Easter baskets, paint and decorate them to make them look new. If you don’t have them anymore, why not make use of your old buckets and turn them into colorful and attractive Easter baskets? Enlist the help of the kids to make it even more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Use Coupons and Hunt for Sale

Collect coupons from magazines and online that you could use for the candies, toys and other things that you may need for Easter. Many stores also have Easter sale. You may also take advantage of the discount that you could get. Just keep an eye on the stores that offer this.

Get Candies on the Last Minute

Easter candies and other Easter products are also typically sold at a lower price on the day before Easter Sunday. This could be a bit tiring because after your purchase, you would need to prepare them immediately as soon as you get home since you only have a few hours before the celebration.

Prepare an Easter Egg Hunt at Home

Instead of going somewhere else for egg hunting, in which you would use gasoline for your vehicle or even pay for a fee to let your kids join in, why not do it at home? Hide the Easter eggs in different areas of your house and let the kids find them.

After the Easter holiday, accessories and other Easter themed items are sold at much lower prices since stores want to get rid of these stocks fast. You may take advantage of shopping early for the things that you know you would need for next year. It may be too early, but this is also the time that you could get these products at their lowest price.

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