Keep Your Job Especially During Recession When People Are Being Laid Off


All jobs are basically dispensable. There are jobs that used to be popular but they are no longer available now. This is also due to the nature of the company. Since people are no longer patronizing the company, they have no choice but to lay off some workers. This is even more highlighted during recession. There are companies that are willing to let go of some workers just to save more money. They would rather fire people and save the company than to keep them and drag everyone down.

As an employee, regardless of your position, seeing people getting laid off should scare you. During a recession, it does not matter what job you have. You can be removed right away. Even CEO’s can be removed since they are being paid a lot and the company is trying to reduce the operational expenses. Here are some tips to make your job recession-proof and keep it despite the harsh economic conditions.

Do your job well

Do your job well

You need to prove that your job is important. This means raking more money for the company. If you can show that your role is important, you will not be laid off. Even if your position itself is gone, the company will see you as a valuable asset. You might just end up being moved to other departments. You will still have a job or even get a promotion during recession. This is a tall order, but it can happen.

Do more than what is expected of you

All employees have a job description. If you think your job will possibly be taken from you, try to do more than what they expect from you. Help out in other activities. Be friendlier to the people you work with. Bosses will evaluate the employees and all factors are considered. This includes overall personality and responsibility.

Don’t think of the potential layoffs

One of the reasons that could affect you as you do your job is the idea that it could soon be gone. The moment you start thinking about it, you will be totally stressed out. Your productivity will be affected. Therefore, it helps if you just keep doing what you are asked to do and let things fall into place.

Be flexible

You have to show that you are willing to be moved around. Your position might be let go but you won’t. This is when you are willing to do other tasks that are of different nature. You should even be open to the idea of studying to further improve yourself. Just prove that you are not just a one-trick pony and you are safe.

Be prepared for the layoff

In the end though, even if you have tried your best, the decision is not in your hands. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself for potential layoffs. Try to start looking for other jobs or at least get an extra job while you still have this job.

Hopefully, your position is not threatened due to recession. No one wants to be unemployed in the most difficult of times.

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