How to Deal With the Sudden Popularity of Your Startup

Sudden Popularity

When you decided to start a small business, you created a timeline that allows you to operate everything smoothly. However, things might not go as planned. It’s possible that your company soars to popularity right away. It can be a blessing and a curse. Of course, you’re grateful that people recognized your business and patronized what you offer. At the same time, you also worry that you couldn’t handle the sudden changes. These tips will help you deal with the popularity of your business that was beyond what you ever imagined.

Never micromanage 

You might be overwhelmed with these changes and think that your employees couldn’t handle them. You barely even had time to train them, let alone operate on a large scale. Your first instinct is to micromanage and ensure that everything goes as you planned. Before you do it, you need to calm down. Delegate tasks and let your employees work. They know what to do and they can follow instructions. Challenge them to use their creativity and expertise in handling the situation. If you micromanage, you’re only making it worse. The employees will be under immense pressure because of your constant presence and get distracted. 

Make changes in your plan 

Although you made projections before operating your company, they were incorrect. It means that all other plans should be changed. You can’t keep pursuing the same path since your customer base is rapidly expanding. You have to take into account what’s happening now and how you can quickly cater to the demands. You also don’t want to go slow, or you will turn them off. 

Hire more employees 

Hire more employees

The current demand is beyond what you can control. You need more people in your team to deal with the situation. Think of them as an asset even if you have to pay more people for their services. Besides, you also planned to hire more people anyway. It’s just that the process was fast tracked as a result of your sudden popularity. Make sure you still go through a thorough screening process to guarantee that things will continue to improve. 

Don’t be too optimistic

The sudden success might make you complacent and think that it’s permanent. In any industry, nothing is permanent. You can’t be too optimistic just because you’ve been doing well over the past weeks. Try to maintain that level of success, but don’t think that things will stay the same forever. You might get disappointed if your current customers won’t come back for more. They disappear as quickly as they arrive. 

Never sacrifice quality 

You have to speed things up to deliver the needs of your customers. The problem is that in your efforts to hurry up, you might sacrifice the results. Your products won’t be of top quality anymore. Even your employees couldn’t do their best since they need to rush everything. 

It’s okay to feel good about what’s happening, but don’t let the early success make you think it will be the same for good. You have to keep working hard to boost your company. 

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