How to Change a Work Environment with a History of Abuse

History of Abuse

When you’re given the responsibility to take over a business riddled with abuse and scandals, it’s a big challenge. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more common these days. The good thing is that there’s an opportunity to change the status quo, and you could be an agent for change. It might be intimidating to have this role, but you can prove that you’re capable of transforming the company’s image. Besides, it’s unfair for the entire business to fall because of a few terrible people on top. 

Be transparent

Given the company’s history, there needs to be an investigation. Make sure you’re transparent in doing so. Avoid hiding anything from the employees. You’re trying to bring the company to a new era. Allow internal and independent investigations to take place. You’re not s spokesperson for the people who did terrible things in the past. You have to represent the company in its current form, and where you wanted it to be. 

Create better policies

Just because the abusers are out of the business doesn’t mean there’s no chance for terrible things to happen again. If the work environment is already toxic now, anyone who works for it will face the same issue. Therefore, you need to overhaul the business. Come up with better policies. Ensure that people who intend to make the workplace toxic for others won’t have the chance to do so. Make it easy for employees to report abuse. Listen to these complaints and don’t sweep them under the rug. The bad guys should be the ones to fear your leadership and not the good employees. 

Create a no tolerance policy

You allow investigations of abuse to take place, and you have to make appropriate decisions based on the results. The problem with some companies is that these investigations are only a facade. They’re done to make it seem like actions are taken. In reality, those who did terrible acts aren’t punished for what they have done. With a no tolerance policy, these employees, regardless of their position in the company, are kicked out of the organization. It’s the only way to make everyone safe and comfortable while working.

Strengthen cooperation among employees

Strengthen cooperation among employees

You should host team building exercises. Allow your employees to feel that they have a shared goal. A stronger team helps eradicate the possibility of abuse. There will only be respect and trust among the employees. 

It takes time to clean a company with a tarnished reputation. The truth is that some people are still inside, and will resist your efforts in every turn. Don’t allow them to succeed. Make them feel how serious you are, and you don’t do favors for anyone. You might be viewed negatively because of your tough approach, but it’s the only way to get things done. Otherwise, the problem will stay and you can’t change the culture. 

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