Entice Potential Employees of Top Quality to Work With You

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Hiring new employees is not easy. You will either land with someone who lacks the qualification for the job or someone who is good, but is not interested in working with you. Between these two options, you should not give up on the latter. Once you have found someone who is a perfect fit for your company, at least try to convince that person to accept your offer.

You don’t always come across someone who has great potentials and is the right one for the job. Once you do, you need to try your best to make that person say yes. Here are some tips.

Find out how much the person currently receives

Most businesses base their base salary on how much they can afford to offer. This is a wrong strategy. If you really want top quality hires, you should match what they are currently receiving. Obviously, they won’t leave their current job if what you offer is way too low. No matter how wonderful the work environment is or how fit they are with the job description, they will still say no if they are receiving a much lower amount.

Boast about the benefits offered

benefits offered

You might not have a huge base salary to offer, but at least you can make it up by offering wonderful benefit programs. Quality health care that covers pre-existing conditions would be attractive. Life and accident insurance with huge coverage would also be nice.

Explain the working conditions

There are other potential employees who are not just after the salary or benefits. They are also into the nature of the job and the kind of working environment they will have. Flexible working conditions would be attractive. This is true especially for younger employees or single moms. If the job allows them to work at home, it would be really appealing. The number of allowable absences should also be explained as it can attract them too. This is not to say that you want them to be lazy, but productive employees don’t necessarily have to stay in the office all the time to do their job.

Explain how they can move up

There are also some employees who are more concerned of long term goals. They want to make sure that if they are staying with your company, they have a chance of moving up the ladder. Position matters to these people in the long run especially if they know the quality of service that they can provide. Aside from getting a salary bump, this also lets them improve their skills and explore other opportunities. Getting stuck in the same job each day can be boring for competitive people. This entices them to choose you and also stay with you.

There are a lot of great workers out there who could be a part of your team. You just have to be patient in searching for the right candidate. You should also not settle for anyone just because you are already running out of time.

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