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Tips to Avoid Overspending During Your Overseas Trip

The following are useful tips to avoid overspending when you go for an overseas trip. It’s never going to be easy running out of cash or other pecuniary resources while you are traveling, especially when it’s overseas or somewhere really distant. It’s only logical knowing what you should do to avoid spending so much in

How to Invest Your Money in 2015

In this, and in any new year, it is always wise to start thinking about how to invest and move your money around. However, the market is still a bit flimsy when it comes to smart investments so learning a thing or two about which opportunities are the best is even wiser. If you’re interested

On Starting Up Your Business Properly

Proper fund management does not only apply to your personal finances. It is also essential for business. Improper fund management would not only endanger your business, but you would also not be able to even start up your business without proper preparation. So before starting any business, it is always important to plan properly. That

Tried and Tested Tips for Successful Savings

One of the most worrisome situations one can face in their lifetime would be facing a crisis and not having any savings at all. This is actually the situation of many individuals. Most people live from paycheck to paycheck and have nothing set aside for rainy days. When an emergency comes along, they would need

On Maintaining A Positive Working Capital

All business owners would know that one of the biggest challenges when doing business is maintaining healthy working capital. Throughout the duration when you run your business, there are bound to be instances when you will struggle with your cash flow. One possible reason for this would be due to insufficient funds at the onset

Financial EQ for your Little One

Financial intelligence is not something you can learn overnight. It is something you learn over time and through various experiences. This is why it has been repeated throughout time that children should be taught the importance of money even during their younger years. That way they will know how to better handle their finances during